4 Tips For Buying Seized Vehicles At Police Auctions

By Tim Lee

Getting a good car for a good price is a hard thing to do today. Some would go to private auctions, private sellers or auto exchanges to try their luck, but nothing beats the sheer thrill of going to a police vehicle auction.

A police vehicle auction is a good venue to look for quality cars or not-so-pristine cars which can be restored and buy these cars at a reasonable price. Here are some tips on buying seized vehicles at police auctions:

(1) Take a good look at the cars

When auction day comes, one should make sure that he arrives early at the auction venue. This is to make sure that he has enough time to be able to look at the cars that are to be sold in the auction. This will also be a good time to look at the enthusiasm of people towards certain cars which will be indicative of their buying price for those cars.


(2) Always remember to bring cash and proper identification

Payments in auctions are usually made with cash and police auctions are no exemptions. Remember to bring a substantial amount of cash and always keep in mind that there might be additional costs for purchasing a car from a police auction aside from your bid. Also remember to bring your driver’s license just in case you win a certain bidding.

(3) Remember to pay up the registration fee and keep your number with you all the times.

When the formal auction begins, only those who were registered as official bidders are allowed to take bids. First timers can overlook this step and may become frustrated if they realize this a little bit to late.

(4) Read the auction rules

Getting familiarized with the auction rules is a practice of good bidders. It would be very frustrating to lose a bid just because of a certain technical violation regarding the rules. Always remember that there are different kinds of auctions and there are different rules in each kind.

Buying a car from the police auction is a great idea, if and only if the person who is buying really knows what he is doing. Knowing the right price, the condition of the car and the willingness of others to buy that car is very important indeed.

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