Basic Business Accounting Tips

Basic Business Accounting Tips


Kim Chariz Levita

Every business firm really needs to do accounting in every period for them to know any loss or profit they have acquired. And for them to have a look if their business is in boom or will soon be bankrupt. That is why this work is very sensitive and you really have to be careful in everything you compute for everything is accountable, even a cent. Here are some tips for you to achieve proper business accounting.

1. Accounting system

Be consistent with your accounting system. When you do this particular kind of accounting, you have to use until then. If you mix up different kinds of accounting system in one, everything just will not fall right in place. The result will not be what should be exact.

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2.Keep timely records

You can t keep track of the money that you received and spent if you will not have a record. Keep an accurate daily records of everything that you have transactions with. This way, you will be able to know the condition of the business financially. And do not forget to keep these records in an organized way.

3.Bank statement

Get bank statements every end of the month so that you can keep track if the records you have on hand, coincides with what is in bank. This way, you will also identify if you have properly accounted everything you need to account.

4.Be careful with checks

When you write checks, you have to be careful. Keep these checks in safe place always. Some people might steal these checks, and unfortunately you have your signatures in there. Even if some checks are written in error, do not just throw or put those anywhere. Those are still usable. Do not be so trusting with anybody, even your employees or bookkeeper. Keep your signatures so distinct and clear so that it will not be forged easily. Checks also play a vital part in your accounting.

5.Have a computerized system

We live in a high- technology generation where almost everything can be done and taken care of by a computer. Computers have more advantage than that of using manual, paper system. Computerized system allows you to keep records that will never be lost; you just need to backup it always. And computers allow computing easy for you.

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