Nokia takes over Symbian OS development

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On Monday, Symbian Foundation discontinued Symbian OS, as a result of its lost popularity since Android came to market. The Finnish telecommunications company Nokia, being one of the few hardware manufacturers who use the system on some of the models, announced that it has taken over the operating system’s development.

Nokia had acquired Symbian Foundation in 2008. Now, the foundation refused to continue the project, because this smartphone operating system had lost its popularity when Android came to market.During the next several months, most Symbian Foundation employees, who were completely governing the project previously, will retire.By April 2011, only the licensing team will stay to oversee the project.

The executive director of the Symbian Foundation Tim Holbrow explained the change, saying that “There has since been a seismic change in the mobile market but also more generally in the economy, which has led to a change in focus for some of our funding board members. The result of this is that the current governance structure for the Symbian platform — the foundation — is no longer appropriate.”

Instead, Nokia takes over the development of the system. This is possible because the Symbian OS is currently open source and freely redistributable. In an interview with ZDNet, the head of Nokia smartphone business Jo Harlow said that the takeover was in significant part because Nokia hardware was the major one using the OS. The development environment would be switched to Qt framework for the system to support cross-platform applications use and development. It is unclear whether the licensing of the future releases of the system would remain open-source.


US automaker bailout deal fails to pass Senate

Friday, December 12, 2008

A US$14 billion bailout package deal for the “Big Three” United States automakers — Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors — has been rejected in the United States Senate after failing a procedural vote.

The bill was rejected after bipartisan discussions on the bailout broke down when Republican Party leaders insisted that the United Auto Workers (UAW) union agree to increase wage cuts by next year in order to bring their pay into line with those of Japanese automobile companies in the United States. The UAW refused to meet the demands.

The final vote count in the Senate was 52-35, eight short of the 60 needed to pass. Only ten Republicans joined forty Democrats and two independents in voting for the bill. Three Democrats voted with thirty-one Republicans against it.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said that he was “terribly disappointed” by the failure of the bill to pass. “I dread looking at Wall Street tomorrow. It’s not going to be a pleasant sight,” Reid said. “Millions of Americans, not only the auto workers but people who sell cars, car dealerships, people who work on cars are going to be directly impacted and affected.”

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Republican Senator Bob Corker was also unhappy about the rejection. “We were about three words away from a deal. We solved everything substantively and about three words keep us from reaching a conclusion,” he said.

Some Democrats now want U.S. President Bush to reserve a portion of the $700 billion bailout package earmarked for Wall Street to assist the flagging car industry.

Stock markets worldwide fell dramatically on the news, with Japan’s Nikkei average losing 484.68 points, or 5.6 percent, reaching a level of 8253.87 points. Shares in the auto companies Toyota, Nissan and Honda all dropped by no less than 10 percent apiece. European stocks, such as those in the United Kingdom and Germany, also lost ground, with the FTSE-100 index of leading shares falling 176.3 points to a level of 4,211 at midday.


Charlottetown, P.E.I. residents rally to support restaurant

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The owners of the Noodle House Restaurant of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), Canada were overwhelmed by community support Tuesday when the restaurant overflowed with customers, cards, flowers, and personal pleas to not leave the province.

According to CBC News Prince Edward Island, the recent outpouring of support occurred after Tommy and Lina Ko, the restaurant owners, announced they would close the restaurant and leave the province following an incident two weeks ago, when groups of up to 200 teens from two nearby schools surrounded the restaurant, pelting it with snowballs, and threatening the Kos. Charlottetown Police Chief Paul Smith told CBC PEI that his force is ready to take whatever action is necessary to crack down on the behaviour and last week started videotaping over lunchtime when most of the misbehaviour has taken place. Police noted that they have received complaints from other businesses, pedestrians, and drivers in the busy “fast food alley” and intend to seek co-operation from the schools in identifying the main culprits.

However, a CBC PEI story from October, 2002, reported the Kos asking police to do more to stop the littering and other vandalism in the area including having signs smashed, windows broken, and fireworks set off in front of their restaurant. At that time, Deputy Chief Richard Collins told CBC PEI: “You can’t have upwards of 1,500 to 2,000 students in and around that area at dinner hour and not expect for some of them to misbehave,” but promised to continue patrols and try to teach the students respect of property.

Tommy Ko told CBC News that he was overwhelmed by the support this week and in thanks put on a surprise free buffet, though customers insisted on paying anyway. Nevertheless, after fighting the harassment for some five years, the Kos say they still are not sure they want to stay.


Invest In An Ergonomic Chair, Doing All Sorts Of Tasks On Your Computer

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair, doing all sorts of tasks on your computer



Do you spend most of your time in front of your desk, doing all sorts of tasks on your computer? Did you know that an average office worker is expected to spend 70,000 hours of his or her lifetime seated on a chair? Isn t it just right that you spend all those hours in comfort?

A Significant Part of Your Lifetime Spent in Comfort

The sad news is that most of these average workers do not spend a significant part of their lifetime in comfort all because they don t bother to choose a comfortable chair. It s either their chairs are too small for them or oversized for their body frame. And many complain of chairs that sink as they put their weight on them, or that don t support their back properly. And there are those chairs that seem to have too many knobs for their own comfort. The levers are just too complicated to understand and for the users to even want to try.

Invest in an Ergonomic Chair

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Nobody has to put up with the discomfort, especially not when it could cause you your health. It s time to invest in an ergonomic chair. That is, a chair that contributes to the employee s comfort, health and productivity. It s worth the investment, especially if you put it in a bigger picture. What s the context? A more successful business! Thanks to your satisfied and motivated workforce.

So what makes for a comfortable chair?


An effective chair performs. That is, it provides support exactly where you need it. Your chair should provide for an even distribution across your back. This way, you avoid pressure build-up on a single area. The result superior comfort and safety.


An effective chair supports multiple users. An ideal chair should accommodate any type of body frame. Whether you are a fifth percentile female or a ninety-fifth percentile male, an effective chair should give you the support that you need. A flexible chair matches the growing diversity in office settings man and woman, old and young, short and tall, small and large.


An ideal chair has an arm rest with it. The arm rest should be adjustable so that it amply supports all types of body frames and work style. An effective chair is conducive to all kinds of tasking positions (without the need for fussy manual adjustments!). It delivers a balanced and smooth back support. An ideal chair responds to your sitting style and tasking positions upright, forward and recline.

Practical Adjustments

it s important that your chair provides for adjustment. But it is also important that the adjustments are not too complicated that they become self-defeating. Adjustments that are too complex become useless since the employees would not mind using them at all.

Beyond Comfort

As you can see, investing in an ergonomic chair goes beyond your need for comfort. And it s an investment that is worth every penny you spend. You do want to stay productive and healthy, don t you?

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Sean Penn endorses Kucinich for US President

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Academy Award winning actor and political activist Sean Penn has just thrown his support in the 2008 US Presidential election behind Dennis Kucinich.

In a San Francisco speech described by his PR people as “a blistering indictment of political leaders and an impassioned endorsement of Presidential proportions,” Penn threw his support behind the lesser known Democratic candidate.

The Kucinich campaign did not vet the speech.

Dennis Kucinich, who with the minimal time allotted him, once again rose up beyond the sound bite and put principle ahead of party; argued policy rather than politeness. He has been the dominant voice of integrity on issues of trade, labor, education, environment, health, civil liberties, and the one endlessly determined voice of peace.

But is he too short? Does his haircut not appeal? Is he not loyal enough to a cowardly democratic platform? Does he not appeal to the cult of personality?

And what if the answer is yes?

What if Dennis Kucinich, the most deserving and noble of candidates, the most experienced in issues of policy and the least willing to play into the politics of personal power? What if we can’t elect a man simply on the basis of the best ideas, the most courage, and the most selfless service? What does it say about our country when we can’t rally the voices of the common good to support a man, like our troops, who would die for us, who would die for our constitution?

Other recent celebrity endorsements in the race include Oprah Winfrey for Barack Obama, Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for John McCain, Harry Belafonte endorsed John Edwards, and both 50 Cent and Barbra Streisand behind Hillary Clinton. Chuck Norris has backed Mike Huckabee in a high profile, comedic endorsement ad.

Penn first became politically active in October 2002, when he spent $56,000 on a full-page ad in the Washington Post, asking President George W. Bush to end “a cycle of violence”. He visited Iraq briefly in December of that year, Iran in 2005 as a journalist, and met with Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez for two hours in 2007.

Penn went to New Orleans to “aid rescue workers” after Hurricane Katrina; many questioned how much of a liability an untrained worker, especially when his boat sprang a leak, would be. One website commented “just showed up with his entourage and a personal photographer with the apparent intent of just wandering around looking for a good photo op.”


UN carries out first review of US human rights record

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The United Nations has completed its first ever assessment of the United States human rights record, which began last November. They made 228 recommendations for improvements. On Friday, the U.S. accepted about 174 of these, agreeing to such recommendations as the humane treatment of terror suspects and repudiation of torture, but rejected the recommendation to drop the death penalty.

The Legal Adviser of the Department of State, Harold Koh, listed nine core areas in which the U.S. agreed to make improvements, including civil rights, immigration, and the humane treatment of suspects held at Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Koh said President Obama agreed to push for ratification of conditions under the Geneva Conventions and to add protections for international armed conflict detainees. Koh refused to drop the death penalty as many European countries requested, arguing that it was legal under international law.

Some nations wanted the U.S. to reduce prison overcrowding, prevent racial profiling, and ratify international treaties protecting the rights of women and children. China and Russia wanted Guantanamo to be shut down. Cuba, Iran and Venezuela said the U.S. was ignoring too many recommendations.

The Obama administration joined the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council two years ago, allowing for increased international scrutiny. This is the first time the five-year-old council has reviewed the U.S. record of human rights. Nations are held accountable to make the improvements in the recommendations that they agree to.

In criticism of the U.S., the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s human rights program, Jamil Dakwar, noted that the U.S., unlike 100 other countries, lacks an independent human rights monitoring commission.


Why Calling A Plumber In Saginaw, Tx Is The Right Move

byAlma Abell

Many homeowners pride themselves on handling small repairs around their houses. While that works fine in some cases, certain projects are best left in the hands of professionals. When something goes wrong with the pipes or the fixtures, the most prudent move is to call a plumber in Saginaw TX. Here are some reasons why this approach makes sense.

Preventing More Problems

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Attempting to make certain types of repairs without professional help can make things worse. For example, it is all too easy for a novice to strip out a section of plumbing or to accidentally damage a section of pipe. What was once a simple task has now turned into something that is more complicated. It will also be more expensive. All the money and the fuss could be saved by leaving the job in the hands of a plumber in Saginaw TX in the first place.

Finding the Best Solution

There are times when more than one solution is possible. Even so, one of those possibilities will stand out from the rest. The typical homeowner may or may not be able to focus in on the single best solution to the problem. By contrast, a plumber will take into account the nature of the project and the condition of the system in general before suggesting the best way to resolve the issue.

The Convenience Factor

Think about the time it takes to research for solutions, buy the right supplies, and actually do the work. Even if everything turns out okay, did doing it without the aid of a professional really save that much? In many cases, the time spent on the repair could be used more productively. Why not hire a professional who can accomplish the same end in a fraction of the time and free the client to focus on other tasks that need attention?

For anyone who could use help with the residential plumbing, visit us today and arrange for a service call. Once the professional identifies the origin of the problem and discusses solutions with the customer, it will be easy to settle on the right course of action and ensure the system is functioning properly again.


Footballers Neymar, Zlatan, Nolito sign contracts

 Correction — December 15, 2016 The article states that “Zlatan helped the club win two domestic titles in a row,” but Zlatan helped Paris Saint-Germain to win two trebles in a row. Winning the domestic title is just one part of winning the treble. Zlatan has won four Ligue 1 titles with PSG. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

On Friday, Neymar Jr agreed to a five-year contract extension with FC Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovi? to a one-year contract with Manchester United F.C. as a free agent, and Nolito joined Manchester City F.C. from Celta de Vigo for a four-year term.


Plumbing Services In Sparks For A Small Greenhouse


A person who is planning to have a small greenhouse constructed on the property may want to have some indoor plumbing installed there. Having to lug a garden hose around that’s attached to an exterior faucet on the house becomes tiring, and it can be difficult to avoid knocking over plants. plumbing services in the Sparks area can install features such as pipes with faucets located in strategic places, a misting system and a sink with a faucet.

Pipes, Tubing & Small Faucets

YouTube Preview Image

Being able to tap into water pipes at several different locations is convenient when a person is working in a greenhouse. She has the option of using watering cans or attaching short hoses to these faucets to water nearby plants. Now, instead of dragging the big hose in from outside and maneuvering through the building, she simply turns on small indoor faucets and completes the watering tasks for the day.

Drip Irrigation

A drip irrigation setup from a plumbing services company can provide both overhead misting and direct watering of plants at specific points. Misting provides a certain amount of plant watering and also has cooling and humidity elevation functions. In a sense, it imitates light rain, which is beneficial, especially in an arid climate like that of the Sparks region.

A Sink & Faucet

The individual who wants a greenhouse needs a sink and faucet inside for convenience. There will be many times she wants to rinse the potting soil off containers, tools or her hands. If local regulations allow, plumbing services in Sparks can set up a drainpipe or drain hose running from the sink into the yard, so the drain doesn’t have to be hooked up to a sewage system.

Concluding Thoughts

The greenhouse plumbing system doesn’t have to be complex, especially if the building is small. A simple setup from a company such as Paschall Plumbing Heating Cooling is an affordable solution to the person’s greenhouse watering needs. A licensed plumber meets with the property owner to discuss plumbing design options and how to create the most effective watering and misting system for this particular greenhouse.

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Swan in Fife, Scotland dies with H5N1 bird flu virus infection

Thursday, April 6, 2006

It has been confirmed that tests done on a dead Mute Swan found in the village of Cellardyke in Fife, Scotland has tested positive for the deadly strain of H5N1 Bird Flu virus. The swan is believed to have been native to Scotland.

Two other swans found in Richmond Park in Glasgow are being tested for the H5N1 virus. They are among at least 14 other dead birds and 12 more swans found in Glasgow, that are being tested for the H5N1 virus.

This is the United Kingdom‘s first confirmed case of the H5N1 virus and would make the U.K. the 14th country to report the virus.

“The risk to humans has not changed by the fact that we have found the virus in the U.K.. There is a better chance of a person winning the national lottery than catching bird flu in the U.K. today,” said Doctor Jim Robertson from the National Institutes for Biological Standards and Control in a press conference.

“We also have to work on the assumption that there is some spread among wild birds. There is no doubt we are getting closer to the day when moving birds indoors will be necessary,” said former President of the British Veterinary Association, Bob McCracken. “The situation is that the virus is there, and it will probably continue to circulate among the birds. It will spread through close contact, irrespective of species. There is one big question mark: Will the virus disappear from wild birds after a period of six months, or will it still be present after a period of six years?” added McCracken.

McCracken also said that the virus could turn up in more birds saying, “I would start from the assumption that a small pool of wild birds in the Fife area are infected and potentially passing it on to other birds” and that seagulls could pose a threat of passing on the virus because they have been known to peck at the bodies of other dead birds that were infected. “We have to assume that,” he said.

In a statement by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, released yesterday, the Scottish Executive confirmed that a “highly pathogenic H5 avian flu” virus was found in a sample taken from the dead swan.

The swan was discovered March 29, 2006 and has been confirmed as a domestic species and officials say that it may have caught the virus from another infected bird. Officials also report that the area where the swan has been found is being sealed off.

“In accordance with a recent EU decision the Scottish Executive is putting in place a protection zone of a minimum of three kilometres radius and a surveillance zone of 10 kilometers. Keepers of birds in the protection zone are being instructed to isolate their birds from wild birds, by taking them indoors where ever possible,” said the Scottish Executive in a statement.

Samples from the swan were sent to the European Union Bird Flu Laboratory at Weybridge.

“Bird keepers outside the protection zone should redouble their efforts to prepare for bringing their birds indoors if that becomes necessary. They must also review their biosecurity measures to ensure that all possible precautions have been taken,” said Charles Milne, Chief Veterinary Officer for Scotland yesterday in the statement.

An exercise named ‘Exercise Hawthorn’ was to prepare people for a possible pandemic was taking place yesterday and was halted just after the discovery of the dead swan. Officials were in the second phase of the exercise. Taking part in the exercises were the Ministry of Defence, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Environment Agency and several other areas of the British government.

“I brought to an end the national avian influenza exercise to ensure that we can bring all our resources to bear on this situation. We are already in a high state of readiness and I have every confidence that officials north and south of the border will work together to manage this incident successfully,” said the United Kingdom’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Debby Reynolds.

However; today Reynolds stated “there is no reason for public health concern” and also stated that in order for Bird Flu to infect humans, it would require “extremely close contact with infected birds, particularly feces.”

According to the World Health Organization H5N1 has killed 109 people worldwide since 2003.