How To Plan An Effective Weight Loss Workout Routine

By Liam Murphy

Seeing as how there are whole libraries of advice available online, I shan’t waste your time and get right into the meat of the issue. A good weight loss workout routine really depends on a single denominator. You. A programme is only as good as the person who is following it. You need the intangible qualities of perseverance, commitment and a desire to change your lifestyle for the better. Forget the cheesy and promise laden online and offline advertisements that offer you miracle makeovers and ‘guaranteed’ workout programmes. The only person who can make such a guarantee – is yourself.

Now we are on the right path. Once we recognise the important kink in the chain, then I can move on to detailing an effective weight loss workout routine for you.

Diet. It is the single most important word I will use. No training will work without a good, clean supporting diet. Forget fast-food culture and forget ‘all in ones’. What anyone needs is a good balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and fluids on a daily basis. Putting the right things in your body will greatly speed up the metabolic rate in your body, and thus burn fat like never before.

Make sure you have equal portions of greens and reds in your diet (vegetables and meat) and calorie count like you’ve never before. Busy professionals sometimes overlook that fact and constantly ‘overeat’.


The workout routine should last up to and over 45 minutes. That is the effective time when your body starts to burn fat and your heart starts to really work. Make sure you are able to build up a sweat and constantly change your workout. If you run for a while, change it up. Do a longer power walk next week. Then try aerobics, join some cardio-vascular classes. Keep your body guessing what is going to happen next as, being creatures of habit, we sometimes tend to fall back into a routine that after a while, is not producing results.

Also, insert some resistance training while you are in there. Alternate between cardio and weight lifting. Weight lifting is important because it builds up muscle, which in turn helps to burn fat. Muscle needs energy to survive on a daily basis, and is a calorie burning element in your body. What’s more, a good balance of weight training and cardio help to give you that ‘lean and toned’ look that everyone is going after.

Make a schedule and check your progress against it. Make sure that every week there is an improvement, be it waist line reduction, weight loss or increase in muscle mass. Then you will know if you have hit a plateau and you have to toss up the workout.

Too busy to go to the gym? Purchase some weights and basic equipment and start working out at home. And the internet is a valuable tool for instruction if you do not have the benefit of a personal trainer’s advice. Websites like Shape Your Body Now have changed busy lives all over the world, utilising online fitness videos and valuable advice to get people on the right track to a healthier lifestyle.

Invariably, there is only one determining factor that will is needed in your weight loss workout routine. In the end of the day, there is no excuse not to get started or see results. Remember the common denominator for success. You!

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Plastic Surgery Types Of Plastic Surgery}

Plastic Surgery – Types of Plastic Surgery



Plastic surgery is a medical specialty that uses a number of surgical and nonsurgical techniques to change the appearance and function of a person’s body.[1] Plastic surgery procedures include both cosmetic enhancements as well as functionally reconstructive operations. In the former case, where aesthetics are considered more important than functionality, plastic surgery is sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery. Most procedures involve both aesthetic and functional elements.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Just because the name includes the word “plastic” doesn’t mean patients who have this surgery end up with a face full of fake stuff. The name isn’t taken from the synthetic substance but from the Greek word plastikos, which means to form or mold (and which gives the material plastic its name as well).

Plastic surgery has a long history. Susrutha, an Indian surgeon, is the first known plastic surgeon, providing nose reconstruction services in the 8th century BC. The Romans were known to perform plastic surgery procedures to alter the appearance of ears. John P. Mettauer is generally agreed to be the first plastic surgeon in the United States, practicing in the 1820s. Plastikos is the base word for plastic surgery, meaning to mold something in Greek.


In more modern times, plastic surgery has come on strong as a method for changing appearances. The most common procedures with most popular first are liposuction, breast surgery, nose reshaping, eyelid lifts, tummy tucks and facelifts. In the last ten years, the number of plastic surgery procedures has quadrupled as the specialty has gained greater acceptance and publicity on television shows.

When one thinks about plastic surgery, most assume it is women having their appearances modified. In general, this is true. Roughly 80 percent of all plastic surgery patients are women, but the demographic is starting to change. While 20 percent of patients are now men, the figure is growing. Like women, men seek liposuction, nose reshaping, tummy tucks, and lifts. No, they dont go in for breast enlargements, although breast reductions are growing in popularity.

Types of Plastic Surgery

Surgeons can reshape the appearance of body parts through cosmetic surgery. Some of the most common body parts people want to improve through surgery include

* Breasts: Increase or reduce the size of breasts or reshape sagging breasts

* Face: Remove facial wrinkles, creases or acne scars

* Hair: Fill in balding areas with one’s own hair

* Eyes: Correct drooping upper eyelids or remove puffy bags below the eyes

* Nose: Change the shape of the nose

* Tummy: Flatten the abdomen

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Plastic Surgery – Types of Plastic Surgery}

Cosmetic Surgery Loans: Viable Funds To Let You Enhance Your Personality

Cosmetic surgery loans: viable funds to let you enhance your personality


Richard Pasic

Looking and feeling good is almost important. So, when you do get the chance of availing funds to remove the blemishes or injury scars, you will always grab the chance at the earliest. In addition to these, there are other surgeries that you might want to undergo. But cosmetic surgery, under the present circumstances does seem to cost a fortune. If you are not quite in a position to deal with the expenses, then it does not mean that you can never go for these types of surgery. In fact, in this context, you can best make use of the provision of


cosmetic surgery loans


As far as these loans are concerned, deriving the funds is never much of a problem. With these loans, you are financially equipped, so that you can resolve the expenses with relative ease. The loans are indeed made available to you against optimal terms, which do not seem to burden you a lot, when it comes to repaying the amount sourced. With the loans amount by your side, you can tackle expenses on surgeries such as liposuction, tummy tucks, forehead tilt, hair transplant, dentistry and so forth. In order to qualify to attain these loans, there are some certain requirements, which you do need to comply with. In this regard, you must be a permanent citizen of UK and that you must be employed, with a fixed and regular income source. Depending on your need and requirement, you are free to source funds anywhere in the range of 1000-25000. The amount borrowed then has to be paid back over a period of 24-60 months, which does seem conducive enough. Applicants with problems pertaining to bank defaults, arrears, CCJ, IVA can also avail the service of these loans. In order to attain the funds conveniently, without much of a hassle, you can apply through lenders based online. Online application of the loans results in quick and immediate approval. The loans do get sanctioned within a short span of time and that too against suitable terms and conditions. It is on availing easy cosmetic surgery loans

, which then enable you to procure the funds, which then can be used to go for a cosmetic makeover.

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Tired, Headaches, Irritable, Aches And Pains? It Could Be Candida!

By Willie Jones

Many people suffer from a host of symptoms but are told by Drs. that they cant find anything wrong with them or are misdiagnosed and put on treatments that are not working for them. The difficulty is that the medical profession denies the existence of candida and therefore cannot treat it. You may find the odd healthcare professional that knows about it and will prescribe something for it.

For those of you that are not familiar with Candida, this is what it is and it may be whats bothering you.

Candida albicans is a natural inhabitant, yeast that lives in your colon. It is a small group of parasites that that co-exists with other microbes and friendly bacteria. It thrives in that toxic putrid, damp waste land. For a normally functioning colon candida is not a problem but if you are chronically constipated and backed up or if your immune system is compromised due to bad diet or over use of antibiotics, then Candida can become over abundant and change into its fungal form that can then escape through the intestinal wall and wreak absolute havoc in other parts of your body and you can experience a whole host of symptoms. It is especially insidious because it can change its form to survive much like certain bacteria can change form and become resistant to antibiotics, Candida can be resistant to antifungal. When Candida begins to proliferate it grows like a weed and sprouts long tendrils that burrow deep into the intestinal walls. This is the beginning of infection and disease. If for some reason Candida gets into your blood stream then the spores get carried along and deposited in another warm moist organ where it takes on a fungal shape and resumes its attack on the host. It can be a formidable enemy that can make your life miserable and it makes it all the more miserable when your doctor has taken a whole battery of tests and tells you there is nothing wrong with you. But you know better! You know how you feel and it is not normal!

If you have candida, you may experience some or all of these symptoms depending on the severity of this parasitic invasion:

-constant fatigue

-sinus problems and lots of mucus

-interrupted sleep

-flu like symptoms

-aches and pains in the joints

-especially tight neck and shoulder and increased headaches

-dental problems

-dark circles under the eyes

-low grade fever

-constipation and or diarrhea


-gas and abdominal bloating

-mouth and your eyes feel dry

-unexplained rashes

-dry brittle hair and nails

-feeling foggy

-restless leg syndrome

-irregular heart beat

-numbness or tingling in the extremities

-feeling faint or light headed

-lack of concentration and short term memory loss

-shortness of breath

-sexual dysfunction

-sugar cravings

-white coating on the tongue

-intolerance to smells such as perfume, chemicals and insecticides

-digestive disorders


-irritable or easily angered

-intolerance to alcohol or gluten


-hay fever

-ear infections

These are the most common symptoms reported but there may be others. These symptoms can be moderate to severe. To find out if you have candida you can do a simple home test that has been fairly reliable to determine if candida is a problem for you.

In the morning when you wake up, before you do anything else, work up some saliva in your mouth and then spit it into a glass of clean water. Wait for about 30 minutes then check the water. One of four things may happen. If there are strings coming down from the spit floating in the water or if the water is cloudy or speckled then you may have Candida. If you dont have candida the saliva should just float on top and the water should stay clear.

There are several reasons why candida can become such a problem. One is over use of antibiotics. This kills the friendly flora and allows the rapid growth of candida as does Steroid abuse.

Another major factor is our environment and the changes in the food industry. Exposure to a toxic environment weakens our immune system. Living on the golf course is all nice and pretty but the reality is that you get exposed to the constant spraying of chemicals that you cannot escape from. The industry smoke stacks are built high up but you would be a fool to think it does not affect you. Cars and trucks have been a huge source of pollution for the last 60 to 70 years and we have been lulled to a non thinkingness about it. We just dont have a thought about it when we walk down the street and get bombarded with toxic petro.

It is the same with the food industry. We used to eat wholesome meat, fruit, vegetables and grains that were not tampered with. Now, the major players are finding ways to make food last longer with preservatives, dyes and chemical sprays. Processed food should be a no no for anyone who wants to stay healthy let alone someone who has candida or other related health problems.

What should you do to treat candida?

-Stop eating processed foods. Other than non perishables, just go to the meat and produce department for all your food. Unless you are stocking up for a hurricane or some emergency, I dont suggest you eat anything that is not in its natural form. Organic, raw fruits and vegetables are best but, be careful not to eat too many fruits; they contain a lot of sugar. The fruits that are very high in fiber are blueberries, plums, raspberries and strawberries. cup of theses fruits have more fiber than several bran muffins.

-Stay away from meat that has been fed hormones. If you are going to partake of dairy foods, also get it hormone free.

-SUGAR! Yeast thrives on sugar. It loves sugar and will grow more prolific with sugar products. You will not get rid of candida unless you stop eating those cookies, desserts and chocolates. We rarely ate sugar 80 to 100 years ago, we dont need them now.

-Drink a lot of water. This ensures that toxic material can get removed from the body. Just like a toilet will not be able to remove fecal matter without water, so is it also with the human body. Drink lots of pure water.

-Exercise on a regular basis. This also helps to keep the intestines working correctly, not to mention all the other benefits you get by working out.

-You can jump start your treatments by doing a coffee enema daily for a week possibly two and then once a month for maintenance. Full caffeine organic coffee works best and you should only use filtered water. Coffee enemas help remove impacted fecal matter fairly quickly and may remove the yeast and parasites. There are two herbs that you can add to the coffee solution that make it more effective. Aloe Vera and slippery elm. You can purchase these herbs in capsule form. Take two of each, break open the capsules and pour them into the coffee. They are soothing and help with inflammation.

-Psyllium seed and Bentonite are also good natural sources for cleaning out the colon. Psyllium seed is used as a laxative but make sure that you drink a full glass of water or it can have the opposite effect and constipate you. Bentonite is a volcanic ash that draws toxins to it. The bentonite does not get absorbed into the system so it will be disposed of along with what ever toxins it has attached to it. The problem with these herbs is that although they do work, it can take a long time before it is effective with Candida. It can take up to a year before it is completely handled.

-There is a new product that works much faster and is very effective for a lot of people. This is the Threelac system. Threelac products are very effective based on testimonials and has shown relief in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. There is also Threelac for children. If your child has thrush or diaper rash that does not go away, it is a yeast problem. Results vary from person to person and the degree of severity will also make a difference in how long it takes for recovery. Your body needs the friendly flora to maintain its normal ph balance. Threelacs advanced formulas work to restore your ph balance to help your body recover naturally and quickly.

-Remember, Candida feeds off sugar! Americans eat enormous amounts of sugar and is the biggest single factor in Candida over growth. Candidas appetite for sugar is insatiable. You can reduce (but not completely handle) Candida by cutting out sugar in your diet. Natural fruit and vegetable sugars should be all your body needs.

I hope this helps!

About the Author: Willie Jones is an author/researcher who is dedicated to helping people find the resources, books, news and information on health and wellness.


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What Is Schizandra Fruit Good For?

Submitted by: Darrell Miller

People of today s generation are still very lucky because despite of the arrays of diseases that linger in our horizons, experts have discovered various ways and means to combat them. Several remedies are now made available to cure illnesses that threaten to batter us. Schizandra fruit is one of the newly discovered modalities that are natural and safe to use. Its scope as a cure is very wide therefore many are opting to utilize the fruit in curing whatever ailments they have. Visiting your doctor every time you are not feeling well will for sure cost you a lot of money. Hence, there is a great need for you to know the different natural remedies that are not only affordable but effective as well.

Schizandra is a part of the Magnoliaceae family. It is characterized by a creeping woody vine that is very abundant in the fertile grounds of China and Japan. The schizandra fruit tastes a bit salty, bitter, sweet, hot, and sour. Because of the mixture of tastes, the Chinese named the fruit wu wei zi which means five taste fruit. However, despite the fruit s weird taste, its vitamin and mineral content is irrefutably high.

Many herbalists all over the globe utilize schizandra as part of their medicinal regimens for various medical conditions. The schizandra is one of the few herbs that are being regarded to contain the three treasures namely the Qi, Shen, and Jing. If only it will be utilized in the right manner, for sure, there are still a lot of benefits that will be discovered out from the schizandra fruit.


Below is the list of health benefits that the Schizandra fruit could offer:

The fruit is very effective in terms of stimulating the nervous. It has certain properties that will hasten the nervous system s capacity to respond to external stimulus. In addition, Schizandra fruit can also enhance mental clarity and focus.

Schizandra fruit also contain essential components that could cure wide range of respiratory problems such as cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing. It can also help you maintain fluid homeostasis in your body through strengthening kidney function.

Years ago, Schizandra s vine was used to treat various skin conditions which include nettle-rash and eczema. People are still utilizing the fruit as a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and other psychological problems. Dried fruits of Schizandra are also proven to be effectual in rejuvenating one s strength, vigor, and energy.

But more than anything else, it is still very important to note that prevention is still far better than cure. Clich that it may sound, but the statement still holds true up to this present time, and in this modern world that we live. Start living healthy and right so that you will be able to embrace the endless possibilities that life could offer. There is so much in store for you if you are healthy and capable to explore the world.

Schizandra fruit is available in capsule form at your local or internet vitamin store. always choose name brands like Solaray to ensure quality and purity of the product you buy for better health.

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Health And Wellness

With herbs like schizandra fruit. VitaNet 7reg;, LLC Vitamin Store.


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Explore The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery!

Explore the Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery!


Alfred Ardis

Learn about the benefits of cosmetic surgery in this article. Plastic surgery benefits the body and mind.


Cosmetic surgery is very important in our society and it’s a form of self-improvement. No one can deny the benefits of plastic surgery. It can improve a person’s physical appearance, and return a person’s body to its normal state after an accident or another event. Plastic surgery is very popular today and more and more women and men are using it to enhance their bodies and faces. Physical Benefits of Plastic Surgery Plastic procedures can help you achieve the perfect face and body. Liposuction can help you remove the extra fat on your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and arms. Face lifts will help you eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It will also remove the extra fat and skin in the neck and face area and tighten the underlying muscles. Breast augmentation will increase the size of your breasts and make them more proportioned to the rest of your body. Tummy tucks will give you the beautiful, flat stomach you’ve always wanted. Better Skin The immediate benefit of many cosmetic surgery procedures is better skin. Plastic surgery can improve the condition and appearance of your skin. It can correct many unattractive flaws such as sagging breasts, a flabby stomach, flabby thighs, loose skin, cellulite and a dimply appearance of the thighs or buttocks, stretch marks, and other skin problems. If you just had a baby, a mommy makeover can give you the pre-pregnancy, smooth skin that you used to have. Mental Benefits of Plastic Surgery Having work done can fix your body issues and boost your self-esteem. It will make you feel more attractive when you’re in the office or in social situations. It will help you live a more productive, happier life. By making people feel more confident, they are more likely to try new things and take chances that they would not normally take such as applying for a new job or going back to school. Whether a person has work done on their face, breasts, abdomen, hips, or thighs, their lifestyles will be improved and they will feel more comfortable in their bodies. After having plastic surgery, many individuals find that they’re more personable, confident, and outgoing. This increased self-esteem is a wonderful benefit that can last a lifetime. Nowadays, almost everyone knows someone who has had cosmetic surgery. Many people have work done to look better, feel better in their skin, look more youthful and less tired. There is no doubt that having work done can make a positive difference in many people’s lives and improve their sense of well-being.

For residents of

Jacksonville cosmetic surgery

should be thoroughly researched to ensure that a qualified professional is found. For more information, visit


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Cyber Knife Cancer Treatment In India At Affodable Cost.

Submitted by: P Nagpal Nagpal

Cyber Knife

What is Cyberknife? Is it some type of computer virus or some computer program? No, it is not at all related to computer viruses or software. Cyberknife treatment ranks among the latest cancer treatment procedures. It has opened up a new dimension and revolutionary approach in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery for the cure of various types of cancers.

Cyberknife is an all total outpatient and non-invasive treatment procedures in which the tumors are destroyed are radiation. One of the main benefits of the treatment is that there are no side effects and risks of post surgery like other conventional surgical procedures. Radiation can be put to any part of the body every effectively.

Apollo Hospital has introduced this unique treatment of cancer. By introducing this revolutionary robot radiotherapy procedure, the Apollo Hospitals Group has opened a new epoch in the treatment of cancer in South East Asia. The real time image guidance programs and cyber regulated robotics are used in Cyberknife to trigger a particular radiation level which can very effectively kill cancerous cells. The procedure gives sub millimeter correctness with the time period required is just less than a week.

What can the Cyberknife treat?

The Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System is a completely non-invasive technique which serves as an alternative to treat both benign and cancerous tumors in the spine, pancreas, kidney, brain, lung, and liver. Extreme doses of radiation are put into the cancer cells with high degree of precision. More than 50,000 patients have been successfully treated with the Cyberknife technology. There are around 150 CyberKnife systems across the globe.

How CyberKnife treatment works?


The Cyberknife technology comprises two modern technologies: In the first process, lightweight radiation delivery equipment is inserted on a multi-jointed robotic arm. The robotic arm can easily reach tumors in any part of the body. The second innovative technique consists of the image guidance system. This allows the CyberKnife therapy to easily track and locate the tumor. The radiation is sent without the use of stereotactic frame.

Benefits of CyberKnife

In comparison to other conventional invasive surgical methods, CyberKnife consists of minimal amount of complications.

* Cyberknife reduces the surrounding healthy tissues from getting affected. * The procedure involves the treatment of complex tumors which are difficult to operable or are in-operable. * Cyberknife is completely non invasive with surgical like results. * No skull pins or metal head frames are needed in the CyberKnife procedure like other methods. * No recovery time is needed. * Very less pain is felt and only mild sedation is administered.

Is it some type of computer virus or some computer program? No, it is not at all related to computer viruses or software. Cyberknife treatment ranks among the latest cancer treatment procedures. It has opened up a new dimension and revolutionary approach in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery for the cure of various types of cancers.

Cyberknife is an all total outpatient and non-invasive treatment procedures in which the tumors are destroyed are radiation. One of the main benefits of the treatment is that there are no side effects and risks of post surgery like other conventional surgical procedures. Radiation can be put to any part of the body every effectively.

Is it some type of computer virus or some computer program? No, it is not at all related to computer viruses or software. Cyberknife treatment ranks among the latest cancer treatment procedures. It has opened up a new dimension and revolutionary approach in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery for the cure of various types of cancers.

Cyberknife is an all total outpatient and non-invasive treatment procedures in which the tumors are destroyed are radiation. One of the main benefits of the treatment is that there are no side effects and risks of post surgery like other conventional surgical procedures. Radiation can be put to any part of the body every effectively.

How CyberKnife differs from other radiation ionizing systems available today?

Apart from the benefit where no stereotactic frame is fixed on the patient, Cyberknife also provides relief to patients for holding breath. Cyberknife is able to track, locate and detect the radiation from a number of angles. The technique, by using the latest image guidance cameras and cyber technology is able to overcome the drawbacks of the conventional frame based radio surgery systems like gamma knife and Linac managed X-knife.

What Family and Friends should do?

To know that your near and dear one is suffering from cancer is a terrifying experience. But one should keep a cool head and try to help the patient and the family. One needs to help the patient to fight the disease and lead a normal life with very less discomfort.

What are your responsibilities?

1. Collect as much details as possible for various treatment options. 2. 1.You can give lifts or drive the patient or the family members for appointments or to the treatment centers. 3. Always lend a listening ear and support the patient. 4. Try to provide whatever help that is needed during the treatment process.

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About the Author: Pankaj Nagpal – About the Author:Welcome to World Class Treatment and Surgery by We Care Health Services, India. Contact Us : www.indiahospital

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Consult The Famous Gynaecologist In Kolkata

Consult The Famous Gynaecologist in Kolkata



Cosmetic surgery has now-a-days become one of the famous treatment procedures to cure all kinds of beauty related issues. There are a number of plastic and cosmetic procedures that are important to deal with any kind of skin and beauty problems. The cosmetic field of medical sciences deal with anything beginning from simple skin rash to major burns on the surface of the skin. There are a number of people who visit the Indian land from foreign countries. Earlier to undergo any type of treatment people would travel to foreign countries to get treated. But now-a-days with the advancement of medical sciences and technology, there have been scores of changes that has taken over. These days there are a number of medical procedures and different types of medicinal therapies that have made life much simpler and free of complexities.

Abdominoplasty, mastoplasty, rhinoplasty, buttock augmentation, labiaplasty, breasts augmentations, liposuction, lip enhancement, rhytidectomy otoplasty, and others are some of the famous methods that are undergone by people who are dealing with the corresponding issues. There are numerous leading cosmetic surgery hospitals that are available in the city, who perform the best kind of surgical methods to help cure all kinds of minor to grave issues. If you are dealing with any kind of gynaecological related problems then it is better to consult the


best lady gynaecologist in Kolkata

. You can connect with them on their official website page or simply request for an appointment to visit them directly. You can easily contact them through their official website page on the internet.

Just like any other surgical method, there are certain common complications in cosmetic surgery too. Before undergoing any kind of surgical treatment you will need to consult your general physician. Your doctor will advise you the apt remedy which will be appropriate for you. You will need to take up certain preventive measures, before and after the surgery. There is often some kind of bleeding, swelling, pain, difficulty in normal breathing, and such other related effects can be seen. But you need not worry at all about them; your surgeon will provide you the measures and relaxation methods to help you to overcome them whenever you feel uneasy. A couple of weeks to few months you will have to take complete bed-rest, which depends upon the severity of the situation, you are dealing with.

There will be some medication and simple physical activity which you will need to continue in order to balance your situation. The scars, marks will fade away gradually. It is a good decision on your part to opt for one of the

famous gynaecologist in Kolkata

who will help to deal with your gynaecology related issues. The hospitals and medical institutions in the city are equipped with a team of best and world famous surgeons who perform various surgical treatments under cosmetic surgery with apt perfection. Cosmetic surgery a lot more depends on crafting. This is why, it is imperative to consult a cosmetic surgeon who is skilled and has years of experience.

The author has written a number of articles on various topics including an article on Famous Gynaecologist in Kolkata, and

urogynaecologist in kolkata


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A Brief History Of Silicone Breast Implants

By Katie Perry

This year (2012) marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first silicone breast implant surgery. Since then, the number of breast augmentations performed each year has increased dramatically. In 2011 alone, more than 300,000 women underwent breast enhancement. Implants have significantly improved as well, having gone through years of rigorous testing and research to eliminate certain flaws and weaknesses.

Early Models

The original silicone implant was created by American plastic surgeons, Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow, who sold the rights to their invention to the Dow Corning Corporation. This breast implant model featured a tear-drop shaped, rubber envelope as an outer shell and a viscous silicone gel as filler. Several generations of models followed, featuring thinner shells and thinner silicone gel filling. These implants came under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1988, amid reports of women experiencing deflated, leaking implants; capsular contracture; and other complications following augmentation procedures. The FDA held advisory panels over the next decade to review studies that manufacturers submitted regarding the safety of their silicone breast implants. In 1992, the FDA determined that insufficient information existed to officially deem silicone implants either safe or harmful. As a result, a moratorium was instituted on silicone breast implants for general use.


Modern Models

In 2006, following decades of testing and research, the FDA conditionally approved two companies, Mentor and Allergan, to manufacture and distribute silicone breast implants for augmentation procedures. These manufacturers were required to continuously conduct studies that documented the safety and effectiveness of their silicone implants.

These modern implant models feature soft, cohesive silicone gel contained within a multilayer shell designed for integrity and stability. The new filler is a significantly improved version of the gel compound used in earlier breast implant models. The key difference with the new cohesive gel lies in its interlocking molecular structure. The result is a thicker, more form-stable filler, similar in consistency to a gummy bear. Unlike its predecessors, the gel in these cohesive ‘gummy bear’ implants will retain its shape, making it less likely to leak into the body in the event of an implant rupture. These features make the new models of breast implants safer than older options.

Additionally, new implant shapes and profiles give plastic surgeons increased flexibility to recommend breast implants to women with varying body types, particularly because the new models assume the shape of existing breast tissue to create a more natural-looking bust line. The lifespan of modern implants has also increased, largely due to their thicker shells, which reduce the risk of folding, wrinkling, and rupturing. Finally, the entrance of new manufacturers into the marketplace – such as Sientra, Inc. – has led to healthy competition and lower costs for consumers.

Talk to Your Surgeon About Your Implant Options

Plastic surgery professionals have learned a great deal during the past 50 years of breast augmentation. Surgeons can now offer patients a variety of implants from several different manufacturers with an unprecedented level of confidence and safety, and most manufacturers offer a lifetime product warranty. Patients should consult a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for details regarding the newest implant types, and for expert advice on the most appropriate implant type, size, and placement to ensure the best overall results.

About the Author: Katie Perry is an online content editor in the Tampa Bay area. She posts articles about plastic surgery topics and procedures including breast augmentation,

breast implants

, and more.


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Top 5 Summertime Plastic Surgery Procedures

Top 5 Summertime Plastic Surgery Procedures


Dave Stringham

Plastic surgery in the summertime is a top priority for many this year. In fact, the simplicity offered through advancements in plastic surgery provides an incentive to maintain a top notch appearance throughout the summer season and thereafter. In fact, many plastic surgery procedures do not affect the vacation budget.

1. Injectables and Facial Fillers: Botox for forehead wrinkles, upper cheeks, and lips offers instant relief for wrinkles on the face. Juvederm helps build volume in skin folds and nasiofold lines located from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Within a few minutes time and no recovery period, facial rejuvenation can be accomplished through injectibles and facial fillers. In fact, the results usually last through New Year s.

2. Skin Resurfacing Procedures: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and even select laser skin resurfacing treatments can enhance a summertime appearance easily and effectively. Despite the requirement to remain out of the sun several days after treatment, the rewards offered in facial rejuvenation can be like taking a refreshing dip in the pool at a nominal cost.


3. Thread Lifts: Thread lifts offer a simple local anesthetic facial procedure to provide the instantaneous benefits of a mini face lift in up to two days of downtime. Reducing the appearance of facial aging through the thread lift offers a less invasive summertime plastic surgery approach at a reasonable cost when compared with a face lift. In addition, the results of the procedure can be enhanced when necessary two or more years after the initial thread lift procedure.

4. Liposuction: Liposuction on the abdomen, hips and thighs can help prefect a swimsuit appearance. Complimentary results can be visible within a few days after treatment. Although, a garment must be worn for quite some time after surgery, the results of liposuction are usually welcomed by those who proceed with it during the summer.

5. Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is one of the most desirable procedures in the summertime. The two weeks of downtime associated with breast augmentation does not usually prevent those who wish to improve the appearance of their breasts through breast augmentation. Most breast augmentation patients experience renewed confidence after breast augmentation and becomes very appealing to do over the summer when women expose more of the breasts in swimwear.

During your initial consultation with your local plastic surgeon, you will be encouraged to discuss your desires, fears, expectations, and goals. The first and foremost objective is the creation of breasts that you envision yourself with. In addition to increasing breast size, your plastic surgeon will strive to create a more aesthetically pleasing breast by improving shape, balance, and proportion. is an online resource for anyone considering

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