Are Short Term Loans Your Best Option?

byAlma Abell

Business is booming – or it could be if you just had a little cash. It’s a common situation for small businesses to have the ambition that their wallet can’t match just yet. You might be thinking: “A loan could really get things moving around here.” But what’s the difference between one loan and another? What is a short-term quick loan?


Short term quick loans are what they sound like: it’s a loan that can be established and lent out quickly, within weeks or even days. It typically gets paid off quickly as well, in a period of a year to two years. Quick loans come with a higher interest rate than normal loans, but they provide benefits you can’t find anywhere else. Some of these benefits include:

  • Quick cash flow – Quick loans are named such because they’re quick. Typical bank loans may take weeks or months to go through, but quick loans can get you money within days. They’re designed to move fast.
  • Easier requirements – The barrier of entry for a quick loan is much easier than a typical one. Businesses with poor credit scores can get a loan here, where other banks might turn them away. Good for turning your luck around.
  • Short payment plans – Quick loans are made quickly and get paid off quickly as well. Payment plans only go for a number of months, to a year or two. If you keep on schedule with your payments, you’ll be debt-free in no time.

So how do you know when a quick loan is right for you? Well for starters, they’re designed mostly for businesses, not personal use. For two, quick loans are best when for businesses who know they’ll get the money to pay the loan back. Types of these include:

  • Businesses who bring in money daily, such as shops
  • Businesses that have a guaranteed chunk of cash incoming
  • Businesses who need the investment to buy revenue-generating assets, such as equipment
  • Businesses who need the investment to open up a new revenue stream, such as a new location

You might be noticing a trend here, and that’s that all of these businesses will be able to pay off the loan quickly and easily. If you’re thinking of getting a quick loan to spend on a risky venture, or to pay off debt from another loan, it might be best to look at other options. Ask your bank to see what other courses you can take. But if you’re a small business who needs just that little kick-start to get going, quick loans could be just right for you. Contact Short Term Loans you can get a quick payday loan or visit for more help.