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When a lack of space becomes a problem, 12×16 gambrel shed plans offer the perfect solution. These gorgeous buildings provide an affordable way to gain much-needed storage space. Some homeowners even turn to sheds like the gambrel design to create a unique home office or work space.

There are a number of shed designs on the market today, but the gambrel shed is by far one of the most popular. Also known as a barn shed, this design offers an in-demand traditional look. In addition, the convenience of an on-site storage space or office just steps away from the front door is second to none.

The difference between a gambrel barn shed and a traditional barn shed is found in the roof. A traditional barn shed has a roof that peaks along a center ridgeline before it slopes downward across two sides. This style is sometimes also referred to as a gable shed.

The benefit to a gambrel shed is the additional attic space created by unique roof angles. This feature is oftentimes used as a loft for storage. Both large 12 x 16 sheds and smaller shed buildings can include this loft-to-storage space in their attics.


Benefits to Building a Shed

Affordable: Why should homeowners pay a monthly storage unit fee when they can invest in their own properties? Erecting a storage shed adds value to a piece of property and saves homeowners from making inconvenient trips to an off-site storage location. Building a shed eventually pays for itself by saving homeowners from ongoing storage unit fees.

Sense of Accomplishment: Time and again, homeowners who have built their own sheds note the great sense of pride they felt upon its completion. Not only does a shed provide a much-needed storage or work space solution for a homeowner, it is also a source of pride for anyone who worked on its construction. Even novice builders can construct a shed by following the instructions found on a good set of plans.

What to Look for in Shed Plans

When looking to purchase a set of plans, make sure the instructions are clear as they relate to the roof.

This is particularly important when dealing with the intricate construction details required of a gambrel shed roof. The plans should detail both the angles and connections up top. In addition to this characteristic, a good set of plans will include a comprehensive materials list.

Some plans also come with instructions for modifications, if desired. For example, it is not uncommon to find a gambrel shed with a porch. Whats that, a porch on a barn shed? Yes, it is possible.

The porch is created by extending the gambrel roof out across the front shed door to create an overhang. The roof is supported by two posts or pillars at each of its corners, and there is plenty of room for chairs under that gorgeous, shaded area. When you choose to build from a set of 12×16 gambrel shed plans, all things are possible!

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