Discover The Magnificent Architecture Of Salzburg}

Discover the Magnificent Architecture of Salzburg


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There are many things for which Salzburg is known, including being the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music. But one of the main reasons tourists from all over the world want to visit the great city is its architecture. While the city is dotted with ancient buildings and it’s not hard to get a good overview from your Salzburg airport transportation, there are certain places of interest that should not be missed.

World-renowned for its Baroque architecture, visiting the city is like taking a step back in time, with its amazingly well-preserved centre – in fact, the Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For those travelling to the city for the first time, Salzburg airport transportation will be your first taste of the impressive architectural heritage but you simply must get out and explore for a deeper understanding.

Salzburg Cathedral


Perhaps the first landmark you’ll see as you pass by on your Salzburg airport transportation is the Salzburg Cathedral – is one of the city’s most important architectural icons. The 17th century Baroque building has endured multiple natural disasters throughout centuries and has been rebuilt many times. Today, it stands as a testament to the city’s architectural and cultural heritage. Apart from its overall architectural style and the statues within and around the cathedral, another point of interest is the range of historically significant objects housed within it – including the baptismal font Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised in.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens (Schlosskirche Mirabell)

The Mirabell Palace may be best known as one of the locations used in The Sound of Music, but there is more to the palace than simply being an important part of popular culture. The Neo-classical architecture dates back to 1818, however, it was built in Baroque style before a fire destroyed it. Aside from the interesting architectural style of the palace, there are also some intricate gardens, which are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gardens are arranged geometrically, with sculptures of Hercules, Paris, Aeneas and Pluton scattered around its picturesque layout. Mirabell Palace is a favourite location for weddings.

St. Michael’s Church (Michaelskirche)

Another architecturally significant structure in the city that you’ll pass by on your Salzburg airport transportation to your central accommodation is St. Michael’s Church, which is the oldest parish church. Located between the Waagplatz and the Residence Square, the original structure dates back from 800, but was rebuilt multiple times due to numerous fires that destroyed it. The current structure features Baroque architecture, which was added between 1767 and 1776, when the dome was added. One of the most impressive details in the church is the painting in the main altar depicting the Archangel Michael defeating Lucifer.

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Discover the Magnificent Architecture of Salzburg}