Why Outsource The It Infrastructure Management?

Why outsource the IT infrastructure management?



Pugmarks was founded in the year 1996, during the early days of the Internet. Pugmarks started off by providing organizations with solutions that included web-based and regular e-mail messaging solutions, web development solutions, high-end managed hosting solutions intranets and online customer support solutions. Pugmarks has the distinction of internet enabling quite a few leading media companies and corporations in India. Keeping pace with the rampant growth of Internet and allied technologies, we at Pugmarks have expanded our services to include remote infrastructure management, inhouse datacenter, services for call centers, etc.

Why outsource the IT infrastructure management?

Cut down on costs drastically

By outsourcing, you reduce the cost of managing the infrastructure, while you are setting it up, as well as when you need to scale up.

You can save up to 40-60 percent on the operations and management of IT infrastructure if you outsource these.

In a remote location, where employees with the required skill sets for IT infrastructure management work at lower wages, there is a straightforward saving on upfront human resource costs.


Attrition costs are very high in IT infrastructure management because of lack of career growth for employees in small and mid size enterprises. Replacement involves recruitment and training costs that are passed on to the outsourcing provider.

The cost of upgrading employee skills does not need to be incurred by one company, since the Remote Infrastructure Management vendor handles several clients who would all benefit from the updated skills of the employees of that centre.

Learn from others experience

Because Remote IT Infrastructure Management providers serve several clients, they can evolve a resource bank of best practices in infrastructure management. With cross-pollination of ideas, you get solutions that are innovative and fresh.

Stay on top of the situation

You have access to some of the best online monitoring tools today, which gives real-time control over the operations and visibility.

Monitoring and support are available 24×7.

Taking preemptive action to resolve problems is easier because the operations are being monitored all the time. Most of the times, the problem is solved before it has been detected by the user, thereby avoiding downtime altogether.

Leave the job to the experts

You manage your business and leave the IT infrastructure management to the experts.

Benefit from the collective intelligence of specialists in Linux, Unix or Windows, ERP, Web administration, messaging and database administration. Employing them full time is expensive. Tap into the collective intelligence of an organization that has these experts as part of their service offerings.

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