Archival Paper An Innovation In Image Printing

Archival Paper – An Innovation in Image Printing by SPhotographix

Photographs are a treasure that you cherish for life. With advancement in technology, the printing techniques have been raised to another level. Archival Paper printing delivers quality prints that do not change colors or fade over time, no matter how long you keep the pictures. Archival fine art printing in India allows you to select the quality pigment ink, so that you can get the best prints that lasts forever.

The prints are produced on acid-free archival printing paper using finest quality inks that adds volume to the pictures, making them look clear and vibrant. Both Fine art as well as Matte paper offers great archival stability when compared to ordinary printing papers.

Why to Go With Fine Art Paper?

Talking about consistency, fine art papers are thicker and heavier in comparison to the matte papers. In addition, fine art paper comes in a variety of textures including smooth, velvet, satin and watercolor. They are comparatively expensive than the plain matte paper, also they give more vibrant effects.


Fine art paper can be the best bet if you are looking forward to lock your memories in an album so that they remain safe without the fear of loss.

Matte Paper can be your Best Bet!

Nothing can beat the picture quality delivered by Matte paper and they are best recommended when one is looking for more economical picture printing option. Get your images imprints on the smoothest surface and enjoy great photographic output. Archival paper printing services in India offers various options based on one’s preferences, budget and other requirements.

Archival printing on archival paper ensures longevity of the photographs so it is considered by those who love to live the moment to the best.

Believe it! Lots of Options to Choose from…

Turn your clicks and photography passion into the works of art by using various options available in archival papers that include- Somerset Velvet paper, Crane Museo archival photo paper and Hahnemhle Photo Rag archival photo paper.

Based on your requirement, you can make a right move. Apart from this, the Archival printing papers are available in variety of texture, weight and colors. Some of the most utilized papers are enlisted below:

Enhanced Matte paper that comes with smooth textureRed River Polar Matte paper comes in bright white shade weighing 225 gsmHawk Mountain Osprey Smooth comes in satin surface texture and weighs 250 gsmIlfordFine Art paper poses rough surface and available in soft white color with weight as light as 190 gsmBrightcube Eclipse Satine Bright White and Brightcube Eclipse Satine Soft White comes with Satin textureHawk Mountain Merlin is a smooth archival paper available in soft white color

The archival paper allows adding additional characteristics to the picture. As one can select the texture as well as color of the paper, customized effect can be given to the images too. It seems as if your pictures are going to look as new for the next couple of decades.

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