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By Roger Thompson

For many homeowners the thought of making improvements to their home bring about thoughts of expensive contractors and a lot of time spent living with a mess in the house. Many others however, thinking about home improvements, DIY renovation projects are can be a weekend project with help from all members of the family. Most homeowners have at least a rudimentary understanding of how to use basic hand and power tools, and for small projects, this can be enough.

There are many projects that may seem to be overwhelming on the surface, but you really get down to the facts, most home improvements and DIY renovation jobs can be quite simple, such as fixing holes in the walls, or smoothing a rough ceiling. While it takes very little skill to remove old plaster or drywall and replace it with new plasterboard, taping the joints and corners will require a little know how. Laying the tape on straight and creating a smooth finish can be tricky if the wall is not even to begin with. Outside corners can be tough enough, but using the metal corner beads help to create smooth home improvements, DIY renovation project. The inside corners, such as those where the wall meets the ceiling, are created with a smooth, gentle hand on the putty knife.


While there are many aspects of most home improvements, DIY renovation projects the homeowner can complete on their own, some parts of the job may require the assistance of a professional. Maybe not because of a lack of knowledge, but due to laws or zoning regulations. For examples, many communities and states require that electric work is completed by a licensed electrician. Most homeowners can change an outlet or a switch and even a new light fixture, but when extending power lines and making new connections, hiring a professional makes good sense. If the home improvements, DIY renovation job involves new plumbing work or the installation of a natural gas line, you may be required to have a licensed plumber complete the work, This is especially true when new gas appliances are being installed or new lines are being installed to provide insurance there will be no gas leaks.

Installing new doors and windows are fairly easy home improvements, DIY renovation projects that most homeowners can perform. However, you should read how-to manuals available from most manufacturers to make sure that any insulation is installed correctly and to seal the door or window to guard against the intrusion of the weather.

Despite the significant number of Americans who prefer DIY home renovations, some still prefer to have their home renovation projects supervised by professionals. In these cases, a general contractor is usually hired to act as a project manager. It is then his job to hire workers like plumbers, electricians, roofers and carpenters who will follow his instructions on how to go about with the project. However, it is often times a challenge for a home owner to find a competent and respectable contractor who can provide quality work. It is essential for him to be very choosy about the people who will be laying hands on his home. For his own protection, he should require a prospective contractor to present a proof of liability insurance.

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