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Freeport Industries, based in Western Canada, offers its clients only the best custom modular homes on the market. While there is a popular misconception that a modular home is a rectangular box, this misconception is changing dramatically as more and more custom modular homes are built. Freeport Industries’ custom modular homes allow for hundreds of options and design possibilities which give the customer the exact custom home that they dreamed of and best suits their needs. The customer can go into Freeport Industries’ sales office and browse the various floor plans that are available. They can then customize the modular home by adding additional rooms, changing the floor plan or elevations and pick the fixtures and window styles. Freeport Industries enables you to have the custom modular home of your dreams. Is it extra windows that you desire? Would you like to choose the style of siding, countertops or whether your custom modular home has an extra story built on top of it? Talk to Freeport Industries today about the exact way you would like your custom modular home to be built and they can deliver!


So many people just assume that buying a modular house means you have to stick to the floor plans that the builder has prepared. Freeport Industries works hard to dispel this myth by designing and building only the finest custom modular homes on the Canadian market. You will be surprised at how easy it is to talk to a Freeport Industries representative and design your dream custom modular home.

Furthermore, your Freeport built custom modular home will follow all of the stringent building codes that a regular stick-built home has to follow. An independent inspector must certify that your custom modular home has been built and conformed to all building code provisions for the location where your custom modular home will be built.

So, if it is your preference in flooring, your choices in windows or your wish for fixtures, know that when you buy a custom modular home from Freeport Industries, you are getting the dream home that you have always wanted. Don’t fall for the trap that a site-built home is the only way you will have a custom home. Do some research, call Freeport Industries and find out how your custom modular home can become a reality.

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