Effective And Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat

Some people have a tendency to put on extra weight on their stomach. A stomach fat is not only an unhealthy sigh but also looks unsightly. Men are prone to adding extra flab on their abdominal region while women are prone to putting on weight on their lower body area. After menopause, the weight shifts to the abdominal region in women. This is primarily due to the hormones present in men and women. This expansion of the mid section usually happens during the middle age in both the sexes.

The adipose tissues store energy in the form of fat in our body. The two kinds of ft present are Visceral and subcutaneous. The Visceral fat in the body surrounds the organs for protecting the internal organs. On the other hand subcutaneous fat is beneath the skin. This forms about 80 percentage of the total body fat present. Abdominal fat is the visceral fat, which lies between the organs namely stomach, kidneys and the intestines. Excess of this causes the stomach to protrude out and is called belly fat. This can make one prone to obesity related diseases like diabetes.

A stomach fat could be due to genes, a pregnancy, food habits and lifestyle. Genes of a person determine how many fat cells a person will have and where the cells will be stored in the body. So how to get rid of a fat stomach cause by the reasons stated above? There is way to get rid of the stomach fat by exercising and following the right kind of diet. Doing regular work outs and eliminating high calorie foods from your diet can help one get rid of the stubborn mid section flab.


Firstly, keep a track of the calories by watching what you consume every day. One should maintain a diary and keep a note of the calories going in. This will help to calculate the average intake of calories one makes during the day. Reduce this intake slowly. Try to lessen the intake by cutting down about 100 to 200 calories every other day. Follow this process till you cut down about 500 calories. This method can help one lose one to two pounds in a week which is a healthy way of reducing stomach fat. One should concentrate on losing the extra weight slowly and not at a fast rate. Usually the weight lost at a fast rate comes back equally fast.

Exercising and doing other physical activities is essential to get rid of the stomach fat. Doing only abdominal crunches or similar spot reducing exercises will not necessarily work. These will help strengthen the abdominal muscles, but won’t always work in reducing the flab. One should work out the body overall. This will aid in melting the fat from the whole body. Genes will often determine how much fat will burn and from where. Exercises like walking, running, jogging, cycling, swimming and stair climbing are beneficial to get rid of stomach fat. Do them regularly for duration of at least 20 to 30 minutes. Slowly increase the intensity over a period of time.

Avoid sugar, oily food, refined food and food that are high in calories. Eat a well balanced nutritious diet and drink plenty of water to help the body stay hydrated. Water aids in cleansing the body of the toxins. Eat smaller meals frequently and stop the intake of alcohol and colas. Simple changes in your lifestyle will help get rid of a stomach fat.

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