Engineered Construction Solutions For Property Managers

Engineered Construction Solutions for Property Managers


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Maintaining high rise condo complexes is a challenge for property managers as individual unit owners keep making changes in their units without considering that small changes can affect the performance of important design elements. Let s understand this situation with example. Condo owners renovate their balconies to give their units a different look. Making additions to the balcony can make space for dust and moisture to set and these additions can also be a reason for leaks. Property managers can t inspect each unit personally but they can hire an experienced engineering firm that can give them complete construction solutions for their never ending woes.

If you are thinking that condo board members require construction solutions only when there are leaks, breaches or cracks on the condo complex then you need to study architecture. It is the responsibility of the community association managers to maintain their property in good physical condition and keep it functional. The condo board members are free to inspect each unit in their property to make sure that everything is fine. Ideally the property needs to be inspected physically but condo board members are not suitable for this job. Property managers should hire a seasoned engineering group for this job.

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Community association managers require a partner that can take care of their property and provide them viable construction solutions for complex building design related problems. They need to join hands with an engineering group that can inspect their property for leaks, breaches and cracks. They should partner with an engineering firm that can study their reserves and tell them an approximate amount for creating condo reserves. The good thing is that there are engineers that study reserves by inspecting the property and not by looking at the computer graphics of the building design. Some architectural firms use computer graphics for studying reserves because they want to save time and earn quick money.

Community association managers shouldn t look for construction solutions but for a reliable engineering group that can help them maintain their property in fully functioning condition. A property is called functional when it has no cracks, leaks or breaches. Property managers generally come from non-engineering background and they don t understand the architecture terminology. Clever engineers take advantage of this situation and present their reserve study report in the terminology that community association managers don t understand. Finding a good engineering group is a prerequisite for maintaining property for the property managers.

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