How To Become A Primary School Teacher

How to Become a Primary School Teacher by Derek TangBeing a teacher is like taking a less traveled road. It is a respectable job, and allows one to share their knowledge with others. Teachers are always in demand, in every part of the world, and it is the same in here as well. As a teacher, one is expected to build the foundation of a child’s education, thus mainly shaping his/her life and helping in building a career. Becoming a primary school teacher is easy. It is about knowing what to do, and then following the basic steps and achieving one’s aim. For people with a teaching qualification Those who already have any of these teaching qualifications can simply apply for the primary school teacher job.A postgraduate degree/ a university degreeA diploma or teacher trainingAn IB diploma.A’/H2 level passes and AO’/H1 level passes. Though 2 passes are needed.For people without a teaching qualification Those who have no prior teaching qualification can follow the process mentioned below, and can then apply for the primary teacher job.Teaching Programs Available The first and foremost thing is to know what are the various teaching programs available. Some of the popular ones available are:Degree Holders – People who have a post graduate degree in any subject in the field of education.Diploma/ A’ level Holders – People who have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject, or diploma in any field of education or teacher training in any field.O’ level Holders – People with only teacher training.Details About Application -Visit the website of Singapore Ministry of Education, and find out the dates related to the applications. It is very important to know the dates, when the applications are out, when the application process is being closed, interview dates as well as training dates. It is mandatory to keep a tab on all this.Apply – After checking the basic details, one needs to apply for the programs through the Ministry of Education website, as it is the overseeing body of the education system. If the applicant is a student, then he/she should be in their final year when applying.Interview – Every time, a huge number of applicants apply, so the whole process takes some time. One needs to be patient and wait for the shortlisting to be done and then wait for the interview call. The shortlisted candidates are to receive an email, with the all the details, i.e. with the information of the interview dates, the documents needed. Once the date of the interview is known, one should not miss it at any cost. It is also advisable to carry all the required documents for the interview.Physical proficiency test for those willing to teach physical education.NIE Art focused test for the shortlisted candidates of Art.NIE Music focused test for the shortlisted candidates of Music.NIE – Once all these steps have been completed successfully, the applicant is enrolled under NIE, to receive the teaching training. The training again, has different levels and one can decide which one to choose based on their aim.In summary, it is important to follow the steps for becoming a teacher in Singapore, regardless of the teaching level. Teaching is a profession that more and more people should choose, as it is not only for the betterment of oneself but also for the society.Derek Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information or visit Tan writes articles relating to education. Please visit Canadian International School for more information.Article Source: