The Possible Side Effects Of Nose Job: A Post Surgical Experience}

Submitted by: Dr Ahnsup Kim

We all know that any surgical procedure can present us with a list of possible side effects. These are the things that you have to be prepared about when you submit to invasive procedures to improve the look of your nose. So let me take you through the certain side effects that you can expect from nose job surgery.

Nausea and vomiting is one side effect that one will most likely experience after a nose surgery. This can be a patients reaction to anesthesia or some medications that are needed for the procedure. The good news is that these side effects are becoming less common nowadays, either caused by the type medications used or the kind of techniques practiced.

Swelling is also a very common side effect that you can expect post surgically. This is an inflammatory response of the body to trauma, as your immune system produce fluid into the area. Bandages and cold compress can reduce the gravity of swelling, as well as with proper positioning.

Elevating your head when lying down can significantly reduce fluid build-up. Swelling is expected to last for three months to a year.

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Bruising occurs after the swelling has gone down. The extent of bruising depends on how much you have averted the swelling. You can lessen the discoloration by applying cold compress gently on the area after surgery. Bruising usually occurs around the eyes and it lasts around 7 days at most.

Hematoma is also a possible side effect, although it is not always common. This is when blood pools underneath the skin. This should not be a cause for alarm because this will just go away.

You might also experience sinusitis after a rhinoplasty because of the compromised area which can result to the swelling of the nasal membranes. This will cause you to have a change in your voice but it can be managed with an antibiotic treatment.

Although incredibly rare, some patients may also experience a temporary loss of smell along with excessive mucus production. It should improve as you heal because these are basically just minor side effects.

Pain is also an expected sensation with a nose job operation. First, you have your skin compromised with incisions, and then your bone structures are then shifted and reshaped. Pain can be easily managed right away with analgesics and cold compress. If it persists, and you observe redness and an increase in pain intensity, this can be a telling sign of an infection, which usually occurs in 2% of patients.

Scarring is also a nose job side effect that cannot be overlooked. But you dont have to worry about this with a closed rhinoplasty. But even if you have an open procedure, the scars would also be hardly noticeable. To increase your chances that it does you should look for a highly qualified surgeon.

In some cases, a patient could also experience some nosebleeds. This is due to the changes done within the internal structures of the nose. But it does not occur often and episodes are always not that serious.

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