Vented Metal Lockers

By Patricia Holland

Vented metal lockers exceed industrial standards and present to you high quality steel lockers that promote airflow in commercial storage rooms. Gym lockers, warehouse lockers, and sports lockers that hold towels and clothing that requires airflow to remain fresh prefer vented metal lockers. You have a choice between single and double tier units and can customize your locker room by fitting in the amount of lockers you need depending on the amount of people that will be using them. Providing your customers, employees, or students with an area that is well ventilated and secure will increase their satisfaction which can help them enjoy their work or to use your services in the future.

Quality Locker Options

Two tier vented metal lockers are made from 16 gauge metal. You have the option of buying single or triple units. You can easily arrange these lockers to fit the amount of space you have while giving the contents of the vented metal lockers room to breathe to prevent unappealing scents. Double tier vented metal lockers will come with three wall hooks and one double ceiling hook to provide additional storage space instead of having things crowded on the locker’s base.

Private Storage Lockers


You will have the choice between gray and tan finishes with single and two tier lockers. These two colors are able to blend in with many commercial storage rooms. Even though the metal lockers are vented, they do not have the items being stored easily visible on the outside. This maintains privacy for what’s being stored, yet still providing a safely locked area that lets the contents have a constant airflow.

Lockers | Convenient Included Accessories

Single tier vented metal lockers are six feet high with several depths to choose from. The lift up handle and recessed hasp is created to work with a built-in combination, key lock, or padlock. Single tier vented lockers include an adjustable hat shelf, three single wall hooks, and one double ceiling hook. These features allow diversity among those that store their belongings. Airing out clothes and towels is simple with the space available and the attached hooks. Vented metal lockers that are 18 inches in depth will also come with a coat rod for various types of garments.

A Multitude of Locker Choices

Vented metal storage lockers will accommodate any size locker or storage room. With the ability to choose from single wide and three wide units, you can have the lockers assembled and comfortably installed along the walls of a school, office, or commercial storage space. Different depths of lockers allow you to choose the amount of space a vented metal locker can hold so your students, employees, or athletes can have a secure place to hold their personal belongings or work equipment when not in use.

Heavy Duty | Wire Mesh Construction

Heavy duty wire mesh construction gives you a vented locker without taking away from its ability to safely hold the items inside. It will last for many years and is designed to allow an adequate amount of air flow while still keeping the contents of the locker restricted from view. They’re able to withstand high traffic areas like gyms or employee locker rooms. Vented storage lockers will provide the right amount of airflow for towels and other articles of clothing.

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