What Services Do Most Dentists Offer?

byAlma Abell

Dentists in Hartford county, MD are often asked—along with many dentists around the country—exactly what services they offer, apart from check-ups. Most dentists have a specialty area that they prefer to work with or are particularly excellent at, but most dentists will do most dental work. For instance, most dentists can and will do fillings, dental hygiene, x-rays, cleaning, whitening, and general dentistry.

Extractions are an everyday part of the job of a dentist and this applies to all teeth, as well as wisdom teeth. In fact, some wisdom teeth are so impacted that the dentist will actually refer the patient to a hospital for general surgery to remove them. Other dentists concentrate on prosthetics such as dentures bridges and crowns, and patients are referred to them because the orthodontist can deal better with difficult cases. One of the other most important parts of extractions is care of the extraction site. Dry socket is common occurrence when people fail to take proper care after the tooth is removed. It can be extremely uncomfortable and very painful.


Other Conditions and Services Offered

Many dentists also offer solutions for teething issues such as grinding at night. Many people grind their teeth when they sleep and are completely unaware that they are harming their teeth and jaws until they wake up sore. Dentists can offer personalized molds that are used to create teeth guards to be worn at night. These work in much the same as a boxer’s gum guard to stop the teeth grinding together.

Other patients might experience severe pain or aching when they close and open their mouths. This can be a symptom of TMD which is a dental disorder connected to the jaw bones. They may also have trouble chewing, teeth grinding, popping or clicking of their jaw and headaches. A dentist can diagnose and treat TMD—temporomandibular Disorder.

Other areas of dentistry that your own dentist may also be able to assist you with is endodontics—root canal—work. It doesn’t sound so bad when given its proper name but the idea of root canal can instill fear into many a patient in the dentist’s chair. Anything to do with serious dentistry can scare the daylights out of some people, but most dentists will do their best to put you at ease.

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