Why Online Hipaa Certification Is Beneficial: 3 Reasons

By Greg Garner

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was put forward by the United States Congress as a federal law in 1996. HIPAA’s main goal was the protection and safety of patient information handled by doctors and other healthcare professionals. Apart from this HIPAA also deals with other areas in health care like health insurance, pharmacies, and medical transcriptionists that deal with patient information on a regular basis.

By 2003, all healthcare providers were required to be HIPAA compliant. The HIPAA law mandates all these healthcare providers or covered entities to ensure that all their employees are HIPAA certified. Some organizations provide the training for their employees while others require you to complete the training on your own. In the latter case, there are a number of web-based HIPAA certification courses available for your benefit.

Three main reasons why you should get an online HIPAA certification are as follows.


Once you’ve decided to get HIPAA accreditation online, you must first find a registered course offered by an online company of good reputation. A quick web search will allow you to find one. One main reason why online training is beneficial to you is that you can take it in your own home and at your own time. There is no particular time limit to complete the different topics so you can do it leisurely, although the topics will not take you more than a few hours to complete. If you study or work full-time online training is your best option. You don’t have the issue of taking time off work and fitting in this course between shifts. The internet provides you with a virtual classroom experience. You can take as much time you want to review and complete the certification course.

The online HIPAA accreditation courses are all-inclusive courses just the same as classroom-based training. The major topics covered in the sessions are HIPAA basics, Administration Simplification and Accountability, Insurance Reform, Privacy and Security Rules, and Standards for Electronic Transactions. The online course provides you with both basic and well as advanced course material. In includes detailed explanations using real life examples and case-studies. In addition the topics also include the organizations and professions affected by HIPAA and the results and penalties of non-cooperation.

You may think that the online HIPAA course may require you to download specific software on your system. That is not the case. What you do need is a good internet connection and you’ll be fine. Once you have completed the courses you can even print the certificate for yourself if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the company to send it to you. The best thing is that web-based courses leave you with resource guides like sample papers and FAQs that you can use in the future to learn your way through the HIPAA guidelines.

As you know, HIPAA certification is very important whether you’re thinking of a profession in healthcare or whether you are already a doctor, nurse, billing agent and the like. There is no better way that to get your training online at your own time and place.

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