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Are you getting your new office made or old office refurnished? Well, if you are then you need to take care that your new office looks wonderful in every aspect. After all, your clients will make their first impression by seeing your office most of the time. When it comes to choosing the material for the ceiling of your office, you should not compromise on the quality part. Fiber ceilings are getting very popular these days among people because they have a lot of benefits.

First of all, fiber cement board ceilings are easy to install and therefore you will not face any difficulty in finding trained people to install them. The installation charges for these ceilings are also not high. They are quite affordable and reasonable. Second, these ceilings are termite resistant and long lasting. They are non combustible and also resistant to moisture. Third, fiber cement board ceilings come with long warranty periods. For instance, most manufacturers offer these ceilings with a warranty of 50 years. Isnt it great?

Another reason for which you should have fiber ceilings is that these ceilings look very attractive. There are a large number of designs, colors and textures from which you can choose these ceilings for your office. According to your business, taste and preference; you can choose these ceilings. All the reasons mentioned above are enough to explain the popularity of fiber cement board ceilings. If you have seen these kinds of ceilings in some offices then you know that how good they look. The best thing about them is that after getting them installed, the owner does not need to bother about their maintenance and replacement for a really long time.

There are a large number of manufacturers in the market from whom you can buy fiber cement board ceilings. You just need to tell them your exact requirements and budget and they will give you the best options. You should take the help of internet to find the best manufacturers and suppliers of these ceilings in your area. After this, make a list of the prices charged by different suppliers. Choose the one which offer quality products at reasonable prices. It is never a good decision to compromise quality for some money. You are choosing material for your office ceiling and it should be the best. The money you will put in these ceilings will be a long term capital investment.

The new age Everest Multipurpose Cement Board is made using the revolutionary HPSC technology.This unique technology makes these boards totally moisture resistant, termite and fire resistant. These boards are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial usage.

Everest Multipurpose Cement Board, in combination with different substrate framework like timber, steel and aluminum, offers unique advanced dry wall constructions, which leverage space utilisation to the maximum along with substantial savings on time.It gives the architects major flexibility of changing designs with thermal & acoustic insulation besides being maintenance free and highly durable.

Everest Multipurpose Cement Boards provide both uniform gap/groove and monolithic joint less finish ( using specially made beveled-edges boards ). These boards allow you to build your imagination through a range of finishes with paints, wall papers, texture coating, veneers etc.

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